Plant Production Units: Plant Paradise where and when you want

In order to make plant production possible all over the world PlantLab creates ideal growing conditions with her Plant Production Units. These Plant Production Units vary in size and consist of several cultivation layers on top of each other. The surface of 1 hectare cultivation area can consist of 10 modules of 1000 mĀ² which are stacked on top of each other. The ultimate dimensions are determined based on cultivation wishes, climate wishes, investment costs, production expectations, internal transport, automation and suchlike. The size of Plant Production Units can vary from rather small (less than 100 m2 of growing area) to really big (up to 10.000 m2 and even much more!)

In our Plant Production Units you determine the climate, at any time of the day. Irrespective of whether it is summer or winter, day or night. This means you optimize the potential of your crop. In the Plant Production Units provided by PlantLab the following options are separately controllable: light color, light intensity, light color ratios, day length, infrared, light temperature, root temperature, plant temperature, irrigation, nutrition, air velocity, air composition, humidity and CO2.

You only provide the plant with what it needs at that time without wasting water, energy and raw materials. In principle production units can be placed anywhere: in or underneath a building, on a ship, at the North Pole, in the desert. We can now know exactly what climate the plant needs and then build. This means you invest only in what the plant needs. Customers wanting to invest in Plant Production Units go through an extensive research process with PlantLab where cultivation wishes, climate wishes, investment costs, production expectations, internal transport and automation wishes are taken stock of. We establish the most suitable production model based and on the wishes of the plant and the customerĀ  captured in our Growing Recipes.